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In the same way that we train the muscles on the body, it is beneficial to strengthen the muscles on the face and neck evenly. When activated regularly, they naturally maintain muscle tone, lift facial contours, prevent skin sagging and reduce wrinkles.

Each face and its musculature is trained differently by daily facial expressions and individual lifestyle. And that's why every face reacts differently to the workout. The first results and changes are visible on every face without regular training. In many cases, a subtle muscularity also appears after longer workouts, just as with body workouts. The need for repetition of workouts depends on muscle memory, the condition of the face and the individual ability of the facial muscles to respond to external stimulation.

The basic difference is that in facial training we strengthen more than 40 muscles of the face with manual and instrumental techniques. We stretch them, stimulate them, release muscle tension and strengthen the natural muscle tone. 

Of course we will use beauty products too, but that's for the simple reason that we have to work with thoroughly cleansed skin. And by training, we work the vitamins and beneficial substances from the Czech For life madaga products deeper into the layers of the skin. 

If you come to our studio for a workout, it doesn't mean you should skip your regular visit to the beautician and vice versa. If you come in regularly for a facial it doesn't mean you are purposely training your facial muscles. Unless you practice facial gymnastics at home. And whether you do facial exercises at home or not we are here to de-train your face for you.

A facial aid with a rich history is used in each of our facial training sessions. But let's introduce the stone a little more closely.

The word "gua" means "to scrape", while the word "sha" has multiple meanings. In a medical context, it refers to metabolic "waste" that can negatively affect blood flow and cause pain. So we could say that "Gua Sha" is related to the removal of toxins. The more subtle facial version of the stone is detoxifying as it promotes fluid movement - whether it be blood or lymph. The result is less inflammation, less swelling, more prominent facial features, as well as better blood circulation and better skin nourishment.

The benefits of regular practice with Gua Sha are:

- release of muscle tension

- blood circulation increases collagen production

- firmer and more elastic skin

- oxygenation of skin cells

- release of fascial folds

- lymphatic distension

- reduction of swelling

You can purchase our stainless steel Gua Sha stone at our studio.

EMS - Electro Myo Stimulation =

E- Electric

M- Myo (muscle) = Muscle  

S- Stimulation = Activation

 EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, is a concept that has been used in medicine for several decades in rehabilitation and convalescence. Using weak but very frequent electrical impulses, the muscles are activated by the same principle as the body naturally activates them, but much more frequently than we are able to prove by will. It's like cardio and a face lift for your face. It activates muscle fibers, promotes blood circulation and improves the softness of the skin. The 10-minute workout rejuvenates, helps against sagging and enhances facial contours.

No, it's not painful and it shouldn't be. That's why the facial exercise machine is customized so that we can adjust the intensity on each area of the face. We always consult the settings with each customerindividually. The sensation of the exercise is specific and for someone can be slightly uncomfortable. However, the majority of customers enjoy training with this machine and describe it as enjoyable and how much it is currently the most effective facial exercise technique in our studio.

A specialised head that, based on the preparations used, introduces nutrients deep into the skin layers and promotes their absorption to achieve better regeneration not only of the skin on the face and neck, but also of the facial muscles.

FaceAirbrush is unique thanks to its adjustable components. Our trainers can adjust the pressure, allowing them to focus on topical skin treatments. This is important, for example, when targeting problem skin areas such as enlarged pores, dark spots or fine lines.

The FaceHammer Cooling Head tightens pores, tightens facial skin, removes fine lines, promotes collagen hyperplasia, eliminates redness and skin sensitivity after a workout, brightens dark circles and smooths under-eye bags.

FaceCleam uses abrasion to smooth the skin. The water vacuum treatment is an innovation in non-laser skin resurfacing. It is the only hydradermabrasion device that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin without discomfort or downtime. The treatment is revitalizing, hydrating, non-invasive and suitable for more sensitive skin.

From 31.7.2023 the parking on Zamocka Street belongs to the PAAS parking zone. You can purchase an online parking ticket, for example, via the HOPIN app. The nearest parking meter is located at 28 Zámocká Street in front of the Malina grocery store. City parking permits or parking meters are valid in the surrounding streets. Another parking alternative is the parking house from IIP Park Hrad (approx. 5 min walk)

Yes, but the online cash register doesn't always work and to avoid complications we prefer to pay in cash.

From September 2023 we will be adding a new FACE WORKOUT to our training plan, which will also be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, so that we can take care of the beautiful faces of absolutely everyone. For now, however, we can tailor each workout individually to keep both mom-to-be and baby safe.