Barbora Bakosova

founder and FACE trainer

Barbora started modeling professionally at a young age. During her active career she has met many Slovak and foreign top make-up artists and facial experts. Many of them, in addition to creating make-up, used various massage techniques and tools to prepare the skin for the perfect look. It was then that Barbora began to educate herself about facial massage techniques, especially from Asia. Gradually, trends like the now well-known and popular guashes, face rollers and others were coming into awareness in our country as well. She learned the basics of facial gymnastics and workout techniques from Inge Theron, who is at the forefront of the unique concept of facial fitness exercises. She thought Face Workout Studio would bring facial workouts to us.


Milan Švingál

co-founder and FACE trainer

Milan has been doing professional make-up in Slovakia and the Czech Republic for more than 12 years. During his time as a make-up artist and skin consultant, he has tried many types of facial products and treatments that combine cosmetics with technology. He works with skin on a daily basis and has had many skin types of different ages and qualities pass through his hands. He complements modern cosmetic treatments with non-invasive exercises. Together with the founder Barbara, they have attended special courses from which they have created unique workouts for the Face Workout Studio.

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Olívia Norovská

professional FACE trainer

Olivia has been a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for over 11 years. During makeup and hair styling sessions, her clients often ask her questions about skincare. This naturally led her to look into the world of cosmetics unaware that she had discovered her new passion. She discovered that contour massage is a non-invasive and comlpex way to access the lymphatic system, affect its flow as well as the flow of blood circulation, increase natural elastin and collagen production, sculpt and lift muscles, and naturally nourish the skin. And that's why it's part of the FACE TEAM.

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professional FACE trainer

Vsevolod (Sevo) is an active athlete and has been taking care of the proper functioning of the human calf for years as a professional trainer and massage therapist. He started taking care of his skin in college, where he also studied cosmetology. He even manufactured his own beauty products. The favorable changes he observed in his customers motivated him to further develop his knowledge and skills in not only body care, but also facial care. One day during a conversation with Barbara, he learned about the innovative methods of facial muscle training that we use at FACE WORKOUT STUDIO. Therefore, he started to actively educate himself in this area of training as well and that is why he became part of the FACE TEAM.

The first facial gym for your facial muscles using specialized manual and instrumental techniques, natural stimulation of collagen production, metabolism of the facial skin and an influx of energy, not only for your skin, you will experience in training only with us.

You can find us at 20 Zámocká Street in Bratislava.