A comprehensive nourishing and revitalizing workout.


Workout details:

A complete workout designed to evenly activate facial and neck muscle tone. The full workout consists of a warm-up and therefore stretching of more than 40 muscles of the face with the release of tension of the neck muscles and the expansion of blood and lymphatic circulation in the face and neck area. We continue with hand cardio with specialized oscillating movements of the fingers. We will use EMS cardio training of two types to warm up the muscles in the latch. After the workout, the skin naturally eliminates toxins, so we will further cleanse the skin with FaceClean technology. We will use the FaceUltrasonic head to warm up the muscles and give relaxation, which will also open the pores and prepare the skin to receive vitamins with the FaceAirbrush method of intensive injection. We ensure the injection of vitamins into all layers of the skin with palm exercise techniques. At the end of the exercise, we close the pores with the FaceHammer cooling head. The Full Face & Neck workout is ideal for anyone who visits the Face Workout Studio on a regular basis and needs to add elasticity and comprehensive nourishment to not only the facial area, but also the neck.

110 €

Benefits for your face



strengthening of facial muscles


reduction of wrinkles


off and smoothing of the face


brightening and elasticity of the skin


non-invasive in-depth care

Questions and answers

Cosmetic and plastic treatments:

  • Botox application in the last 14 days
  • facial fillers in the last 30 days
  • thread lift in the last 30 days
  • other facial surgeries in the last 6 months

Dermatological problems:

  • Facial damage - for example, inflamed acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, broken skin, warts, burns, rosacea, long-term use of steroids that have damaged the face.

Other health problems:

  • Cancer in the area to be stimulated within 12 months of symptom relief/resolution 
  • Epilepsy
  • High susceptibility to bone cracking or severe osteoporosis
  • Heart problems (due to EMS device) - inform the trainer during the pre-workout consultation and he will choose a longer stimulating workout instead of the EMS device
  • Diabetes with loss of skin sensitivity

Other contraindications

  • Pregnancy (due to EMS device) - inform the trainer during the pre-workout consultation and he will choose a longer stimulating workout instead of the EMS device

The ideal is to be well hydrated. Make sure you don't have clothes tight around your neck before your workout. And after your workout, you can have subtly shinier skin.

EMS - Electro Myo Stimulation =

E- Electric

M- Myo (muscle) = Muscle  

S- Stimulation = Activation

 EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, is a concept that has been used in medicine for several decades in rehabilitation and convalescence. Using weak but very frequent electrical impulses, the muscles are activated by the same principle as the body naturally activates them, but much more frequently than we are able to prove by will. It's like cardio and a face lift for your face. It activates muscle fibers, promotes blood circulation and improves the softness of the skin. The 10-minute workout rejuvenates, helps against sagging and enhances facial contours.