Operating Regulations

The Operator provides Healthy Lifestyle Services, in particular facial exercise services and other services. The manner of provision of the Services shall be understood as enabling the Clients to use selected Services of the Operator at the Premises or to draw its Services in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Price List, these Operating Regulations and the GTC.

  1. Operating Conditions and Health Protection Policy for Clients and Employees

1.1 The terms and conditions of access to the Site and provision of the Services are set out in Clause 5. GTC

1.2 The layout of the Facility is as follows: a studio for facial exercises, sanitary facilities, a shower room, a changing room/staff facilities.

1.3 In case of exceeding the capacity of individual parts of the Operation, the Operator is entitled not to allow the Client to enter until the capacity of the Operation allows it. The Client shall not have any claims against the Operator in this respect.

1.4 If the Client does not demonstrate the possibility of using the Services in the manner required by the Operation, he/she is not entitled to access the Operation.

1.5 The Client is obliged to use all equipment and facilities in the Facility exclusively in the manner for which they are intended. In case of any doubts about the correctness of their use, the Client shall refrain from using them or ask the person in charge of the Operator about the possibilities of using a particular device or aid.

1.6 The Operator shall not be liable for injuries and accidents caused by the Client to himself or to another person by his own carelessness or failure to comply with the Operating Regulations.

1.7 Clients use all Services on the Site at their own risk.

  1. Instructions, restrictions and prohibitions regarding Clients

2.1 The Client is obliged to behave in such a way as not to interfere with the comfort of other Clients, to avoid damage to health and property and not to interfere in any way with the operation of the Operation and the use of the Services by other Clients.

2.2 The Operator shall not be liable for damage to items brought or left in the Facility during the use of the Services if they are left outside the Operator's designated areas. If the Client deposits items during the use of the Services in places reserved by the Operator, which individually or in the sum of two or more items exceed the value of EUR 100,- (valuable item), he is obliged to notify the responsible person of the Operator and deposit them in the safe deposit box - a place reserved in the Operation, otherwise the Operator is not liable for damage caused by their damage, theft, depreciation exceeding the given amount. The Operator's liability for damage is further regulated in the GTC.

2.3 The Operator reserves the right to interrupt or restrict the operation of the Study in justified cases. This applies in particular to the rental of part or all of the Site as well as to necessary repairs and maintenance that are not incompatible with the maintenance of normal and comfortable and safe operation for the members, as well as in situations caused by force majeure (e.g. water pipe failures, shutdown of water, electricity or hot water supply, forced closure of the Site by decision of the landlord or a state or municipal authority, power outage, heating, etc.). The Client shall not be entitled to compensation in this case.

2.4 The Client shall comply with all guidelines and instructions of the Operator throughout the duration of the visit to the Study

2.4 The prohibition of entry to the Premises applies to:

  1. (a) Persons under the apparent influence of alcohol or toxic substances. The assessment shall be the sole responsibility of the Operator or the Operator's responsible person
  2. b) Persons with animals
  3. c) Persons who show obvious signs of communicable, infectious diseases (the assessment is solely up to the Operator, the Responsible Person or a person authorised by the Operator) or persons with open wounds or skin problems or suffering from any disease, if the Operator or the Responsible Person of the Operator assesses that the stay of such a person in the Operator's premises could cause a threat to the health of other Clients or damage to the Operator's property.
  4. d) Persons who intend to use the premises for a purpose other than that for which they are intended (e.g. commercial or non-sporting use) without the permission of the Operator, the person in charge or a person authorised by the Operator
  5. e) Persons who fail to comply with the obligations set out in the GTC or these Operating Regulations
  6. f) Persons using the Services in soiled or smelly clothing (the assessment is solely up to the Operator, the person responsible or the person authorised by the Operator)

2.5 For safety reasons, persons who cannot move or dress or undress independently without the assistance of another person, as well as persons with significant physical or mental disabilities, are allowed to enter the changing room accompanied by another person who is competent to do the aforementioned actions.

2.6 In particular, it is prohibited to:
(a) Smoking
(b) Bringing in and use of glass objects (including bottles)

  1. c) Photographing or filming persons or groups without their consent. For photographing or filming for commercial purposes and for the press, written permission must be obtained from the Operator
  2. d) Make excessive noise and restrict the comfort of other Clients by his/her behaviour
  3. (e) Use of sports and play equipment
    (f) Use of drug paraphernalia outside showers
    g) Consume (anything)
    i) Interference with the technical equipment of the Plant
  4. j) Request the Operator for services that are not listed in the Price List or that contradict the purpose of the Services or the Operating Regulations
  5. (k) Carrying and use of weapons

2.7 The Client shall in particular:

- to observe cleanliness and hygiene in the premises of the premises, also in case of any deficiency to inform the Operator or the responsible person of the Operator,

- to immediately inform the Operator or the responsible person of the Operator in case of sudden deterioration of health condition, possible observation of health problems of themselves or other Clients

- to treat the facilities of the operation with care and not to damage the premises and property of the Operator or third parties,

2.8 In the event of non-compliance with the Client's obligations set out in the GTC or the obligations set out in these Operating Regulations, the Operator, through the responsible person or the trainer on duty, may proceed in accordance with the GTC, as well as request the Client to leave the premises immediately without any compensation to the Operator.

2.9 The Client participates in the exercise at the Operator's Centre at his/her own risk, he/she is physically and mentally fit and able to complete the exercise. Before each exercise, the Client shall consider his/her current state of health and shall adapt the type of exercise, intensity, load and duration of exercise accordingly. He completes an information questionnaire and consults his questions and condition with the trainer.

  1. Method and frequency of cleaning Operations

3.1 Cleaning of the Studio premises shall be carried out daily prior to commencement of operations and on an ongoing basis as required. Cleaning of personal hygiene facilities, surfaces and floors is carried out throughout the day as required. Waste receptacles located in the Facility are emptied as needed.

  1. Procedure for mechanical cleaning or disinfection of room surfaces and furnishings

4.1 Disinfecting, cleaning, tidying as well as all cleanliness and tidiness activities on the entire Operation is the responsibility of the team that carried out the facial exercises on the day in question, which carries out this activity on the basis of a contractual relationship with the Operator.

4.2 Rolls (disposable paper towels) placed in the premises of the Plant are intended for wiping machines after their use, not for personal hygiene.

  1. Method and frequency of cleaning of lighting fixtures and windows
    5.1 Lighting fixtures and windows are protected from breakage by sufficient

distance and are cleaned as required, but at least once a year. The operating rules are valid from 01.09.2022

Annex No.1 - Supplement to the operating regulations in relation to the provision of selected services in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No. 554/2007 Coll.

1) The type and method of service provision, medical contraindications to services and prohibited acts in the provision of services,

Clients will be provided with facial muscle training as a service in accordance with the current Price List according to the types of exercises offered at the Facility.

Medical contraindications on the part of the Client

Cosmetic and plastic treatments:

  • Botox application in the last 14 days
  • facial fillers in the last 30 days
  • thread lift in the last 30 days
  • other facial surgeries in the last 6 months


Dermatological problems:

  • Facial damage - for example, inflamed acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, broken skin, warts, burns, rosacea, long-term use of steroids that have damaged the face or other infectious diseases.


Other health problems:

  • Cancer in the area to be stimulated within 12 months of symptom relief/resolution 
  • Epilepsy
  • High susceptibility to bone cracking or severe osteoporosis
  • Heart problems (due to EMS device) - inform the trainer during the pre-workout consultation and he will choose a longer stimulating workout instead of the EMS device
  • Diabetes with loss of skin sensitivity


Other contraindications

  • Pregnancy (due to EMS device) - inform the trainer during the pre-workout consultation and he will choose a longer stimulating workout instead of the EMS device
  • infectious respiratory disease acute disease states

Prohibited acts in the provision of services:

scar manipulation
manipulation of birthmarks procedures on the cornea and conjunctiva

2) Terms and Conditions of Operation and the Client Health and Safety Policy and the Occupational Health and Safety Policy of the Facility's employees.

Hygienic and anti-epidemiological regulations and measures are observed in the establishment. The operator is responsible for their observance and shall ensure the proper hygiene of the establishment. In particular, he/she shall ensure measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of communicable diseases.

The premises must be kept clean and tidy. Workers must take care to observe personal hygiene. Towel and soap, running water and toilet facilities of the Studio shall be provided.

Employees servicing customers must take care to observe personal hygiene by:

- have clean working clothes

- Wash your hands with soap under running water after each customer service, have your own towel and clean your chair and utensils.

The plant is equipped with sufficient cleaning and disinfecting agents.

There is a first aid kit in a suitable and accessible place in the facility, equipped in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No. 554/2007 on details of requirements for facilities for the care of the human body.

In the event of injury to an Employee or Client or bleeding of a Client in connection with the performance of the Service, the affected area must be immediately rinsed with water and subsequently disinfected. In case of contamination of the hands with biological material, the hands must be washed and disinfected with a preparation with bactericidal and virucidal effect (cutasept).

The establishment is equipped with sufficient quantities of cleaning and disinfecting agents, as well as clean linen or disposable equipment.

It is only allowed to use cosmetic products from the distribution network that are not harmful to health.

3)Instructions for the use of aids

In the event that aids are used in the provision of the Services, both the Staff and the Client are obliged to follow these instructions for use. Instructions for the use of the apparatus are available on the Premises. Medical contraindications to the use of these devices will be stated in or attached to the Instructions for Use.

4) Procedure for mechanical cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of work tools and equipment, including room surfaces and equipment,

Wet mechanical cleaning and disinfection of work surfaces, floors and personal hygiene equipment is carried out daily after the end of the operation and continuously during the work.

The surfaces of the equipment coming into direct contact with the Client's body must be washed and disinfected after each Client with a product designed for this purpose.

Damp mechanical cleaning of washable wall surfaces and furniture must be carried out once a week.

When using the disinfectant, follow the enclosed manufacturer's instructions and observe the expiry dates. If waste is generated during the servicing of the Client, it is removed after each Client and collected in sealable containers. Waste containers are emptied, cleaned and disinfected daily.

Overhaul of all equipment coatings and painting shall be performed at least once every two years.

Disinfectants used in the Operation:

Surface disinfectants: sanytol, savo, denkmit

Agents for disinfection of work equipment: sanytol, desprej, dettol

5) Method of storage and handling of laundry

There must be sufficient linen in the facility, appropriate to the anticipated number of Clients. Clean linen must be used for each Client.

Clean linen and used linen must not come into contact with each other or be confused when handling the linen.

Clean linen is stored in sufficient quantity in a lockable locker, used linen is put in a plastic lockable basket, from which it is washed and dried daily. A washer and dryer is available in the facility for the daily care of clean laundry for the Clients.

6) The method and frequency of cleaning of the equipment

The premises are kept clean and tidy. Disinfection of walls, floors and equipment is carried out regularly - daily. Disinfectants available from the distribution network are used. When using them, it is necessary to follow the working procedure specified in the manufacturer's instructions.

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is collected in sealable and washable containers and is taken out daily. The containers shall be cleaned and disinfected daily.

The collection of MSW shall be arranged by the employee after the last order has been completed on the day in question.

7) the method of waste management, its disposal, the frequency of emptying waste containers, their cleaning and disinfection.

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is collected in lockable and washable containers and removed daily, the containers are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Wastewater is discharged into the public sewer.